Paul Mitchell Kind Face

Paul Mitchell

“That which we reject must be courted back with beauty, it must be met with respect, education and imaginative intricacy, when such a journey is undergone an alchemy of character is possible.”
— Martin SHAW

My approach is based on ProcessWork principles. Each session looks different, depending on you. We can talk, be silent, role play, draw, dance, scream, laugh or cry. We always learn something. We work with body symptoms, dreams, movements, altered states. 

Therapy can be long or short term. It can be used to address an issue, solve a problem, or for ongoing personal growth and awareness. My areas of expertise (and topics I enjoy working with) include but are not limited to: relationship work; addictive behaviors; internalized oppression; inner and outer conflicts; professional development.

I bring 20 years experience as a coach and consultant with a huge range of clients to the table. I bring a commitment to my own personal development, research, learning, and ongoing education and training. I carry a deep respect for all living things, and a belief that our outer and inner worlds are inseparable; when we work with one aspect in a useful way it directly benefits the other.  I bring a curious mind and a willingness to travel with you to help facilitate your own healing.  

What you can expect to achieve in our work:

  • Discover what’s behind the stuckness
  • Find and cultivate inner resources and powers
  • Replace limiting belief systems
  • Find meaning and purpose in your pain
  • Build greater self-awareness 
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Learn to relate more meaningfully



Kat Barker Smiling Kindly

Kat Barker

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”

Kat embodies a tender yet strong presence creating a safe space in her sessions. She aims to support individuals and couples to live a healthy life that they love. She understands the importance of sharing your experience with someone who is in full support of your wellness and who holds a non-judgmental attitude towards you and your situation.

Are you struggling to find support from people in your life?

Do you suffer from a pattern/addiction/behaviour that you just can’t seem to change?

Want more confidence in yourself or support for big decisions?

Kat has been supporting people from all walks of life and various backgrounds for the past 14 years in both group and individual capacities. She has witnessed the healing power of connection and the intelligence of our bodies’ wisdom. Kat understands our emotions, sensations, thoughts, intuitions, feelings, and reactions are the body’s intelligence guiding us back to itself in each moment. When we listen to our bodies and slow down we can tune into what is happening for us offering greater self-awareness which is integral to change. Support is fundamental to moving towards change. We all need support at times to move through life’s challenges as well as celebrating our successes.Areas of interest

I work with adults providing highly quality treatment addressing issues related to anger, depression, anxiety, sexual orientation, gender identity, stress, alcohol and drug use, mood disorders, grief and loss, parenthood and relationship difficulties.

My practice incorporate multiple therapeutic framework, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.